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Monsters underneath the bed

Scared in the dark. Monsters under the bed. Who did not suffer from it? In monsters underneath the bed, Ben learns that a monster does not always have to be a monster.

Overcome your fears by reading together.

In addition to the fun story and the funny drawings, the interactive elements bring the book to life. A unique experience while reading for the parent and the child.

Written from parental experience, the book is meant to help reduce anxiety during bedtime. But it can also be read very well for children who just find it exciting.

“Nice to read, but also for beginning readers.”

Monsters underneath the bed

Monsters underneath the bed constains.

Monsters underneath the bed is an interactive reading booklet and consists of the following unique parts:

  • The app has interactive elements through which the child is involved in the story. For example, swing a dragon through the air through its tail. Or lift a tiger over your head!
  • Animated elements bring the story to life.
  • The app also has a recording function so that the child can hear the voice of the parent (even if it is not there). Or for beginning readers who want to hear their own voice.
  • Ben Brave is available in several languages (French, German, Dutch, Spanish and English).
Monsters underneath the bed