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Bounce the bounce

The nightmare of every parent. Bouncing balls! Ben got a new bouncing ball. Although bouncing balls are of course super fun for children, parents often find it less fun. Everything breaks as soon as those things fly around the room.

Actually not such a useful toy.

That is how the mum of Ben also thinks about it. Every time, Ben is sent to another room where he (hopefully) does less damage with his new toys. But unfortunately, … it goes wrong again and again.

Can he play nowhere with that ball? What do you have that toy if you can not do anything with it?

But then he sees his neighbor Guusje. Her ball is stuck in the tree. Maybe Ben can do something with his ball. He throws and …. what is that? There is more in the tree than just that ball.

Ben Brave and Bounce the bounce is the second book in this series. Experience a jolly interactive story with your child and let that bounce ball bounce. Without destroying your things 😉

Bounce the bounce

Bounce the bounce constains.

Bounce the bounce is an interactive reading book with the following unique components:

  • Interactive moments where your child can throw the bouncing ball himself.
  • See how all things fall in 3 different rooms.
  • Animated scenes bring the story to life.
  • You can record your voice as voice-over, or have an uncle or aunt do it to surprise your child.
  • 3 alternative endings that vary randomly.
Bounce the bounce